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A Guide to Self-Storage Insurance

A Guide to Self-Storage Insurance


  • Talk to Your Rental Company: Read through your storage unit rental agreement and find out if losses are covered by the rental company. If they are covered and you agree to secure insurance through your self-storage company, find out how much money will be added to the original rental fee.

  • Talk to Your Insurance Company: Your existing homeowner’s insurance policy may also cover possessions kept in storage units. This is especially likely if the items you are storing are antiques or other high-cost valuables. Check your coverage to determine whether or not you will need to increase the dollar coverage amount to fully insure everything.

  • Determine Reimbursement Amounts: Find out if the insurance policy you are considering offers replacement costs or depreciated cash value for objects lost or damaged while in storage. Again, if you are storing extremely expensive items, you may want to confirm that your coverage is high enough to cover the loss of these valuables.
  • Identify Damages Covered: Damages covered in storage policies can include those caused by lightning, fire/smoke, earthquakes, building collapse, water damage, and vandalism. Exact coverage and exemptions will vary by company, however, so be sure to find out what is included in your storage agreement.
  • Document Items: Generate a categorized list of all the items in your storage unit, and supplement descriptions with photos. This can come in handy if something were to happen to your possessions during storage and you need to make a claim.
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