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Reasons to Rent Standard Self Storage

Tara Botkin-Longwell | Sep 20, 2019

Storing possessions should be easy, but with all the choices cluttering the market today it can be arduous to figure out what you need in a storage facility. And, what you don’t need.

Large, multi-level, climate-enhanced boxes are popping up everywhere, leading renters to believe that a self-storage unit should be as comfortable as any indoor space, especially In Texas where temperatures reach extremes. While comfort and luxury make sense at home or work, people don’t live, entertain or conduct business inside a storage unit.

Aside from storing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other items that cannot withstand heat and severe temperature fluctuations, standard self storage not only suffices but is the most practical option for general household, yard and business items. In other words, if it’s in your garage or attic, it can live just as happily in a non-climate, vented storage environment.

Five reasons to choose standard over climate-controlled self storage

Cost savings

Standard self-storage units almost always cost less for the consumer simply because they require less to maintain. The national average cost to rent standard self storage ranges from $60 to $180 per month, compared to $75 to $225 per month commanded by temperature-controlled facilities, which incur overhead expenses such as insulation, HVAC equipment and higher utility bills.


Standard self-storage units don’t require tenants to maneuver hallways or elevators to lug what was already difficult to pack even further and less conveniently than it was to remove from its original location. Just pull in, raise the door and unload.


Standard self-storage facilities offer a variety of storage unit sizes, from locker capacity to extra-large as well as recreational vehicle accommodation, while most interior-access facilities don’t provide units larger than 10’ X 20’.


If not properly insulated, a climate-controlled unit might not be delivering what’s promised to premium-paying customers. Other issues can occur that tenants shouldn’t need to worry about. A leak, for example, is easier to identify and repair on a roof that is contained to one unit. Conversely, roof leaks in climate-controlled facilities often begin in an unknown location and can remain undiscovered until water infiltrates the insulation and drains into multiple units. It so happens that insects and rats prefer a comfy climate and can infect an entire building in no time.

Common sense

Not paying a premium rate ? on average 30 percent more ? to store items that don’t really benefit from a controlled climate is just smart. If you think about it, your ancestors did not live with central air conditioning or heating and neither did their belongings. That said, it makes sense that a natural, non-temperature-controlled environment is suitable for great-great-grandmother’s antique bed.

Tara Botkin-Longwell is the owner of Storage 4U, a family owned and operated self-storage company with two locations and over 1,200 storage units and parking spaces in the San Antonio area.